Why Basic Black Shoes Are A Must Have Fashion Item For Dress Or Casual

Everyone needs black shoes. The color black is the most basic of all in fashion and it is crucial to own shoes in black whether for dress or casual wear. For men or women the basic black shoe goes with multiple attire for a variety of events. When out on the town black shoes are a must have for wear with tuxedos and evening dresses as well as other less formal wear.

Black footwear can go with everything from a fine quality business suit to a tuxedo for men. The choice of shoes makes a big impact on what people think of a person's fashion consciousness. A man in a black or gray business suit accompanied by a pair of fine quality men's black dress shoes really makes a statement. You wouldn't want to wear black shoes with a brown suit but for most colors they are the perfect choice.

Black footwear is just as important to women, if not even more so. Women actually have a lot more choices than men in variety of footwear. They can choose from sandals, flats, high heels, pumps, and more and also choose between dressy, casual, or formal. I know women who own several pairs of shoes in black alone just because of the diversity that is needed. One may want two or three pairs for wearing to work and then maybe a couple of different styles for nights out on the town.

Another reason that many people choose black shoes is because they hide imperfections and scratches easier than most other shoes and are easy to care for and keep polished. Black footwear can stand up to years of everyday wear and abuse and still look great.

The durability of black footwear is another reason many people choose them for athletic shoes for just about any sport. They don't show the scuffs like white shoes do and when you are playing sports there are always going to be scuffs and scratches on your athletic shoes. This is why black is the color of choice for many baseball and soccer organizations.

A pair of black shoes that are shined to a glossy finish really stand out in a crowd and can help to set off anyone's wardrobe. As I stated previously, the darker colored shoes tend to hide damage better than others so if you just keep them touched up with wax and polish.

In closing, keep in mind that black footwear can be used and worn in a variety of different situations from the dance floor to the basketball courts and from soccer fields to company boardrooms. Be sure that you have several pairs in your closet.


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