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Why Every Woman Must Have At Least One Pair Of Black High Heel Shoes In Their Wardrobe

There are some fashion items that are must haves for everyone. Just like a man needs to have at the very least a pair of black shoes and a pair of brown shoes, every woman needs to own a pair of black high heel shoes. These shoes can be interchanged with so many different elements in your wardrobe that it is essential to have them. Most women I know have numerous pairs of high heel shoes in many different colors that are to be worn with certain out fits but the great thing about black is that it goes with so many different things and they aren't seasonal either.Not only can black high heel shoes be worn with evening wear and business suits or dresses but they also go great with a pair of jeans. One of the big benefits of these shoes is that they can be used to bring together a great formal look or even dress up a pair of jeans. Wearing jeans, with a plain white shirt and black high heels is a very sexy look and it is very inexpensive. You can have the entire outfit for under a hundred bucks!Unlike some fad co...


Why Boot Stitching Is Very Important To The Quality Of Your Boots

You can always tell a good boot by its stitching. It will be neat and small, and barely noticeable. In contrast a poorly made boot has big stitching, so big it draws your eye away from the style and to the ugly criss crosses.But is there is there a real difference. There is a difference. Poorly stitched footwear will be cheap. The kind of boot you find at a discount store emblazoned with a brand name you've never heard of. You will go for a hike in these boots and they may most likely split at the poorly stitched seam. Well stitched boots on the other hand can last years if you look after them well. You can walk up mountains, trek hundreds of miles, and though the boots will wear down it will take much longer.So what is quality stitching? Well the general guideline is that is the stitching together of quality material. Whether this is suede or black leather, if the material is good you are halfway there. So parts of suede, for example, are stitched together using small stitches that will not break unless put...


Tips In Buying The Correct Running Shoes

Without a doubt, running shoes are the most important thing that you will buy. The correct running shoe will cause your runs to go more smoothly and helps to prevent injury. There are basically 3 types of running shoes: Motion control shoes, Stability shoes and Cushioned shoes. Each of these types of shoes are made for a certain foot type. So, you need to determine what foot type that you have.The best way to determine which foot type you are is fairly simple. Wet the bottom of your foot. Then step onto a brown bag, a heavy piece of paper or a piece of thin cardboard (the type that comes in dress shirts). Remove your foot and look at the imprint. By this, you can determine your foot type.1. Low arches - Flat feet. If you see your whole foot - you have flat feet. If you have this type of foot, then you need Motion Control shoes. Runners with flat feet generally hit the ground with the outside of their foot and then the foot rolls inward. Motion Control shoes are more rigid and usually have a wider sole. This w...


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