Tips In Buying The Correct Running Shoes

Without a doubt, running shoes are the most important thing that you will buy. The correct running shoe will cause your runs to go more smoothly and helps to prevent injury.

There are basically 3 types of running shoes: Motion control shoes, Stability shoes and Cushioned shoes. Each of these types of shoes are made for a certain foot type. So, you need to determine what foot type that you have.

The best way to determine which foot type you are is fairly simple. Wet the bottom of your foot. Then step onto a brown bag, a heavy piece of paper or a piece of thin cardboard (the type that comes in dress shirts). Remove your foot and look at the imprint. By this, you can determine your foot type.

1. Low arches - Flat feet. If you see your whole foot - you have flat feet. If you have this type of foot, then you need Motion Control shoes. Runners with flat feet generally hit the ground with the outside of their foot and then the foot rolls inward. Motion Control shoes are more rigid and usually have a wider sole. This will help prevent the excess rotation of the foot.

2. Medium arches - normal. This is the most common foot type. Runners with a normal foot type can wear any shoe type - but it is generally suggested that they wear Stability shoes. Stability shoes will give you a moderate amount of arch support. Stability shoes have elements of all types of running shoes in them. Some rigidity is required but not too much so normal pronation is allowed. Some cushioning is required to absorb the shock. These elements will help prevent injuries that the wrong footwear can cause.

3. High arches. This is the least common. Runners with high arches hardly have any rotation at all when they run. This can result in too much shock travelling up your legs. High-arched runners are more likely to get shin splints and knee injuries. Cushioned running shoes will absorb the shock, so are a must for this type of runner. Runners with high arches also must stay away from stability shoes as they want rotation in their foot.

Running is a great activity and can keep you fit and overall healthy for life. However, you need to be sure that you have the correct shoe for your foot type. I hope that this will help you when you go to buy your next pair of shoes.


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