Why Boot Stitching Is Very Important To The Quality Of Your Boots

You can always tell a good boot by its stitching. It will be neat and small, and barely noticeable. In contrast a poorly made boot has big stitching, so big it draws your eye away from the style and to the ugly criss crosses.

But is there is there a real difference. There is a difference. Poorly stitched footwear will be cheap. The kind of boot you find at a discount store emblazoned with a brand name you've never heard of. You will go for a hike in these boots and they may most likely split at the poorly stitched seam. Well stitched boots on the other hand can last years if you look after them well. You can walk up mountains, trek hundreds of miles, and though the boots will wear down it will take much longer.

So what is quality stitching? Well the general guideline is that is the stitching together of quality material. Whether this is suede or black leather, if the material is good you are halfway there. So parts of suede, for example, are stitched together using small stitches that will not break unless put under great strain. There you have it the boot is made. But we're not totally happy with the work so we have to quickly check if they are the same size and shape. A pair obviously has to match.

That was a quick overview so lets look at it in a bit more detail. First of all the sole. This is probably the most important part of the shoe and the part that is under the greatest stain because obviously our feet are constantly pushing down on it. So it has to be strong. The sole is stitched using leather. Leather is obviously a strong material and will last probably as long as any other part of the boot.

The toe of a boot should be strong as well. This is often the first part to break because of the movement of the foot against the front of the boot. Press it at the end. Is the material strong? If it is then you have a good toe.

The heel of a boot is often what gives it its style. Think of the elegance of cowboy boots or the fun, quirky look of platforms. For the heel quality boots use bits of leather and stack them up until they have the right size. These are necessary not stitched together or even stitched to the boot; instead good shoe glue can be used.

The best thing to remember is that boots don't have to be perfect. Of course both pairs have to fit the same size feet and that fit should be comfortable and provide support. That is where the quality comes from, and if there is a few minor hitches for example one boot slightly tall than the other as long as the difference isn't big it only adds character.


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